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June 2019

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Year in Review

This month I am celebrating one year in business! I can’t even believe it has already been a year, time sure does fly! Starting my own floral design business has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I am one of those people who really have a hard time making a decision.  I have to contemplate every possible scenario from every which angle and analyze everything, this goes from  simple little decisions like buying a new shirt or something big like quitting my job and starting something totally new. (This actually drives me a little bit crazy)

I did just that when I made this this decision to start my own business and the things I was contemplating and analyzing are things like well what if I don’t do this? Will I regret it? You only live once, why not try? What’s the worst that will happen? I have to pick up where I started and get a job…  These are just some of the big questions I was asking myself and the more I asked myself and the more time that went on I began to realize YES I need to do this and I CAN do this and be successful. 

I am also a believer in timing, you know, people have always told me I should run my own business, ‘your so talented’, ‘your waisting your skills working for someone else’ so many people have always believed in me and thought I could do it, but really what it comes down to is believing in yourself .  It wasn’t until I gained the confidence in myself that I really believed I can do this.  It needed to be the right time in MY life.  Moving into our new home gave me the feeling of a fresh start, we now have the perfect location for this business and I have the support of my husband and family, which let me tell you, on those days where you think ‘What am I doing?’, ‘Did I make a mistake?’ It is beyond helpful to have that support, because those days do happen.  When you look back days like these they actually make you stronger and help you realize that you are doing the right thing.  

Thank You

Over this past year I have received so much support from you! I appreciate it so much, it makes this transition into my new life so much easier.  I love knowing you love my work and so many people love to share what I am doing.  Thank You! There are times where I post something that I am not overly confident about and those are usually the posts that people respond to the most, its kinda funny how that happens.  It’s so amazing seeing people excited about my work and having people I don’t even know love what I do.  I appreciate every little bit of support and wouldn’t have gotten this far without you! 

I am beyond excited for what this year will bring,  my wedding portfolio will be expanding, I am focusing on having a huge presence on Pinterst, I am planting my own cut flower gardens, so many exciting things that I hope you stay tuned for!  




Believe in You

I hope what you get out of this post is that if there is something you feel you need to do, then get out there and do it! You need to make it happen, you only have one life, it may seem terrifying at first but if it’s something you believe in, you make it happen, you will look back and wonder why you didn’t start earlier. 


Thank you for making my first year a success!