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So you just received a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers, now what? Most people just plop them into a vase of cold water.  Well I am going to share with you some tips of the trade on how to extend the life of your cut flowers and enjoy them for as long as possible.  

First, if possible it is always best to give your cut flower bouquet a fresh cut,  if you do not own a pair of pruners, kitchen shears or a knife should do the trick for most flowers.   Immediately place your freshly cut bouquet into a vase filled with warm water.  thats right I said WARM water this goes for most flowers with the exception of spring bulbs, they prefer cold water but if they are mixed into a bouquet warm water won’t hurt.  This allows water to travel all the way to the flower to ensure they get the hydration they need.  

Often you will receive a packet of flower food for your bouquet.   Feel free to use this but it is not necessary if you didn’t get one.  Changing the water with fresh water every couple of days  is all you need to do to extend the life of your flowers.  




If you receive a bouquet of simply roses or hydrangeas use hot water, yes you heard me right, HOT water! Now I don’t mean go boil the kettle for your flowers just hot water from the tap will do.  These flowers need a little extra help with hydration and hot water does just that.  Be sure to cut them on a sharp angle then place them directly in hot water.  This won’t only help extend the life of your roses + hydrangeas but it will help them open perfectly and beautifully.